Historic Pedal Cars

Historic Collection Pedal cars from the 1920s - 1950s

pedal cars

A Thirty Plus Year Collection 

Most of this collection was from one serious collector who has been building the collection for more than 30 years.
pedal cars caterpillar

Rare Originals

All of the unique and rare pedal cars are originals that have been painstakingly restored and detailed.  None are replicas.
pedal cars bugatti

Big Money Classics

Jr. Cars like this Bugatti could only be afforded by the ultra wealthy.
vintage wagon

Scamp Wagon

Not a pedal car, but too cool not to display.
pedal cars fire truck

Intricate Detail

These pedal cars are masterpieces, true works of art with as much detail as a real car.
pedal cars ad

Junior or Juvenile Cars

Because these cars were built with the same craftsmanship as a real car they were refered to as juvenile or junior cars and not pedal cars.
pedal cars steel

Running Boards and Other Options

Much like real cars you could order a Jr. car standard or optioned out.  Items like bumpers, lights, windsield, fenders were all optional.
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