volo orientation theater

Theater 1 - Volo Village Theater, located near the Duesenberg Room

Before you embark on your adventures, be sure to visit the Volo Village Theater for a short orientation video and get the most out of your day.  Videos begin every 10 minutes.
volo orientation theater

Volo Village Theater

Learn the history behind the Volo Auto Museum. See how we've evolved since 1960 when we first opened.  Did you know our facility was built from an 1800's farm?
rockefeller seats volo theater

Historic Seating

Not only are our exhibits historic, but so are many of our fixtures.  Like all the seating in our theaters which date back to 1930. These seats were salvaged from the Rockefeller Plaza in New York during a recent renovation. 
volo military theater

Theater 2 - Combat Zone, located in the Military Exhibit

Here you can watch a historic video about warfare in the air during World War II.
pete's garage volo theater

Theater 3 - Pete's Garage, located in Showroom 4

In this mini theater you can watch a short video that expands on the orientation of the musuem, giving you information you may have missed about the exhibits you have seen and are about to see.
pete's garage rest your feet volo theater

Pete's Garage

By the time you reach Pete's Garage, your feet may be barking.  Sit back and relax, while giving your feet a break in climate controlled comfort. 
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