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The largest public display of vintage kiddie rides from the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Not only are our kiddie rides available for viewing, they can be ridden too! Watch Video
volo kiddie ride rocket

About the collection

Moms and Dads, surely you remember the days when every store would lure you (and your parents) in with gleaming mechanical horses, rockets with promises of the moon, speed boats, race cars and anything else you could imagine riding. That was no coincidence, that’s what they were supposed to do. What wasn’t supposed to happen was to generate enough income to make them the fastest growing business of the 50’s! But because of daunting task of maintenance and lack of reliability, the life of the kiddie ride shortly faded. In 1953 there were over 20 manufacturers of these coin operated marvels in the US; today, there are none. 
vintage kiddie rides volo

Most only exist in private collections

These mechanical marvels are highly collectable amongst baby-boomers. Because of their rarity, value and undependability, most are in private collections only to be viewed by their owners and friends. Our collection is the largest on public display, and not just for display, kids can actually ride most of them allowing you to share your childhood memories with your children or grandchildren.
esso tiger kiddie ride volo

Used to brand names

Many companies used Kiddie Rides to brand their business names, like this Esso Tiger, promoting the Esso brand gasoline.
texaco kiddie ride volo

Much more fun than today's "Chinese Rockers" 

Kiddie rides, like the Texaco Fire Chief, were much more fun to ride than todays machines.  They had a lot more and faster movement.  Many were even designed for teenagers.
red baron kiddie ride volo

Let your kids imaginations soar!

When your child is lifted into the air in this Red Baron air plane, they'll be on top of the world! 
bally model t kiddie ride volo

Your children can test drive an old car!

Kids love the multi-motion of this Bally's Model T 
volo champion horse kiddie ride

Horse Back Riding

Have your kids ever asked for horseback riding lessons?  Kids can ride horses, elephants, tigers, camels and more!
mini carousel kiddie ride volo

Mini Carousel

Many rides can accommodate more than 1 rider
moon rocket kiddie ride volo

You and your bestie can ride a rocket to the moon!

What's better than having fun?  Sharing it with a friend.
kiddie ride family volo

The rides may not last forever but the memories will

Traditions begin at Volo Auto Museum
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