Seasonal Train Tours

We are replacing the train with the Disney Double Decker bus for the 2019 season!

Disney tour

Take a Ride on the Disney Double Decker Bus 

For more about the Disney Bus Tours CLICK HERE.  
train tours at Volo

Orientation Train Tours

Relax and enjoy a 40 minute tour of the museum property.  Here history of the museum and many of the artifacts on display. Only $2 for museum guests.
train tour village

Ride Through Our "Evolution of Transportation and Lodging" Village.

Here how much travel changed in North America starting in the 1800s and ending in the 1970s

Tour the Village by Foot

Be sure to explore the village by foot to get up close and personal with these displays.  Tour the inside if an 1885 Train Caboose and a 1949 Motorhome. 
train tour equipment

From Trails to Roads

See and hear about the early machines that groomed the trails, which eventually became roads.  From horse drawn to diesel powered. 
train tours fun

Educational and Fun! 

People of all ages love our train tours.  It's entertaining, educational, relaxing and fun.