Horse-Drawn Vehicles



From the 1840's through today

Our evolution of Travel and Lodging takes you on a journey through time.  Learn how the road trip evolved in time, comfort and safty.  Stage 1 is traveling with horse-drawn vehicles.

Walk, don't ride.

Did you know that wagons were not meant to haul people?  People would walk along their wagons and the wagons were meant to carry their belongings. 
chuck wagon volo

Covered Wagons 

When traveling, people usually traveled with more than one wagon.  One wagon, known as a Chuck Wagon, was dedicated for meals hauling the food and cooking equipment.  You'll learn how long it would take to travel from New York to Los Angeles, how many miles were covered in a day, how often they would eat, the risk of death and more. 
stage coach volo

Stage Coach

Stage coaches were part of the US mail system.  The coaches would travel through trails from stage stop to stage stop dropping off and picking up mail.  If there was room after the mail was loaded then people could purchase a ride.
stage coach stage stop

I call Shotgun! 

Do you know where the term "I call Shotgun" came from?  You can probably guess by looking at this image, but if not you'll get the answer and learn so much more during your visit.

Transportation and Lodging Village

Horse-drawn vehicles are just the beginning of the Evolution of transportation and lodging.  Be sure to visit the RV Museum section of the website for more.