Vintage Tractors

For thousands of years humans tilled the soil by hand.  It wasn't until 1892 farming became easier with the invention of the tractor.

volo auto museum tractor exhibit

Dozens of unique tractors

The museum displays some common, but memorable, tractors such as Fordsand John Deere but the display also features uncommon examples like Lamborghini and Porsche.
volo museum tractor display

Kids love tractors

Kids are fascinated with tractors and equipment.  It's not only fun, but educational.  Ever seen a 3 wheeler tractor like this one?
museum tractor display volo

Hand Tractors

Equally as important on the ride-on tractors are hand tractors.  We display many examples of hand tractors.
lamborghini tractor

1958 Lamborghini

If you tell people you had seen a 1958 Lamborghini, they would shake their head and tell you there is no such thing.  What many people don't realize is Lamborghini was a tractor company before a car company.