The Disney Gallery


little mermaid Disney volo

Dozens of life-size dioramas with your favorite Disney Characters

Our Disney exhibit will put you in the middle of the movies with realistic "movie set" type displays. Watch Video
disney beauty and the beast volo

Timeless classics

Disney brings smiles to adults and children alike.
Disney store prop characters at volo

What's the history behind these rare characters?

All of the characters on display were built by Disney for elaborate displays at their Disney Stores, they were never meant to make their way into public hands.  Disney decided to remove the displays to make more room for merchandise.  All of the characters were supposed to be returned to Disney and ultimately destroyed.  Luckily some made their ways into the hands of collectors to be enjoyed by future generations. 
Volo Disney snow white seven dwarfs

What Disney Store Characters are on display?

In our Disney Gallery, you will find settings that include Mickey Mouse Fantasia, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, The Three Little Pigs, and Dumbo.
Herbie lightning mcqueen and Mater cars volo

See cars from Disney movies up-close and personal.

Watch this Herbie from "Herbie, Fully Loaded" come to life.
Barbie Epcot volo

See cars used by characters at Walt Disney World

This Barbie car has lots of star power.  Before it was Barbie's pink Cadillac in Epcot, it was white with black spots and used as Cruella DeVille's DeVille.  It was also the car of choice later on for the biggest Diva ever, Ms. Piggy! 
Disney Omnibus

Do you remember the "Character's on Holiday" double decker Omnibus?

The Omnibus was a staple to Disney since the 1950's when first introduced at California's Disneyland before being retired for saftey reasons.  Of the six built, this one is special because it was used to transport the Disney Characters to Epcot in a parade that would make stops for guests to meet the characters.  The Bus was replaced with the Character Spot, a building where guests can go to see the characters. 
Disney Toy Factory Mold-a-rama volo

Extremely Rare 1964 Disneyland Toy Factory - Mold-A-Rama

Technically not a Mold-A-Rama, these Disneyland Toy Factory machines are extremely rare and were used during the 1960's, not at Disneyland, but at locations such as the World's Fair to promote Disneyland.  Like a Mold-A-Rama these machines produce plastic figures but unlike regular Mold-A-Rama's that produce generic animals, these produced trademarked Disney Characters.  Most of these machines made their ways into the hands of private collectors.  We obtained two machines and are the only two known machines that are available for use by the public!  All the fun of a Mold-A-Rama plus you receive an instant collectable. 
Star Wars Alien Monsters Inc volo Disney

Did you know Disney is much more than Mickey, Princes, and Princesses?

Pixar, Lucas, and 20th Century Fox, all Disney owned making these characters all Disney Characters!  And all can be seen at Volo Auto Museum.