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History of the Chevy Chevelle | Evolution of the Chevelle

Posted on 2020-06-16

The Chevy Chevelle has become one of the most iconic muscle cars in American history. The vehicle has been so popular, that it's shown up in over 1,600 movies, such as "The Fast and The Furious" and "Jack Reacher," staking its claim as Hollywood's go-to muscle car. Though you might recognize the vehicle for its powerful, adrenaline-pumping qualities, you might not know that it also was a family favorite for its station wagon and sedan models. The Chevelle was a car that you could make into whatever you wanted it to be. Find out more about t...

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Relieving Stress With a Classic Car

Volo Museum Auto Sales Posted on 2020-03-27

Ask any collector and he or she will tell you: Owning a classic stirs a deep sense of pride. But it’s way more than that. Not even the best masseuse can top the stress-relief of time spent tinkering on that car of your dreams. There’s always an accessory to discover, a performance upgrade to research. Even just applying that fresh coat of wax can bring the worst day into context. Open roads, light traffic, low gas prices. Now add a healthy-sounding, pearl white 1969 GTO convertible. Or maybe a red ’72 Chevelle with a 350 four-barrel. Pe...

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How to Store a Classic Car | Collector Car Storage Tips

Posted on 2020-01-21

From Corvettes and Beetles to Firebirds and Roadsters, classic cars are a symbol of timeless automobiles. Throughout decades of innovation, they have become a car enthusiast’s dream. Whether you own one classic or a handful, we know you work hard to keep your vehicle in mint condition. But how can you do the same when it’s in storage? Proper maintenance before, during and after stowing away your vehicle is essential. Until you’re ready to drive your car again, prepping the engine, interior and exterior components are part of the process. Vo...

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Classic Car Maintenance Tips | Maintain Collector Cars

Posted on 2020-01-17

Classic car owners often worry about how they'll keep the vehicle safe from damage. Knowing how to keep an antique car gives their owners greater peace of mind and keeps the vehicle running well. If you need tips for caring for a collector car, you've come to the right place. Volo lives and breathes classic cars, with a huge inventory of collector cars and an auto museum to prove it. This article will teach you how to look after your classic car and incorporate these tips into your classic car maintenance. Check on Important Areas of the C...

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How to Transport a Classic Car | Shipping Your Car

Posted on 2019-12-16

How to Transport a Classic Car If you need to transport your classic car, you're probably concerned about how you can get it from point A to point B without it getting damaged. After all, you've probably put a significant amount of time and money into your car. Trusting someone else with the safety of your car can be difficult, so it's critical to be as knowledgeable as possible when looking to hire a transporter. Below, you'll find a classic car transport guide that's filled with shipping tips for vintage cars. From your consultation with...

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How to Sell a Collector Car | Tips for Selling Your Car

Posted on 2019-12-14

When you're ready to sell a classic car, you'll want to give it a high-quality new home and receive a fair price for it. If you go into the process without all of the information, you risk getting ripped off or just not choosing the better option. Read on to find out the proper steps you should take when selling a car, the options that you'll have as you try to find a buyer and other tips for selling a classic car. Prepare the Car to Be Sold Before you sell your collector car, you should attempt to make it as presentable and attractive to ...

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How to Find an Oil Leak in a Classic Car? | Troubleshooting

Posted on 2019-11-18

Oil leaks in any car can be a common issue, and if it is significant, you should get it taken care of immediately. For classic cars, minor oil leaks are practically standard, and owners should not worry too much about them. However, if these minor oil leaks begin to turn into major ones, losing substantial amounts of oil, you'll need to take action. Major oil leaks can damage other parts of your vehicle and harm the integrity of your engine. Since you've made a significant investment into your vehicle, you probably don't want something like...

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How to Buy a Classic Car | Tips For Buying Vintage Cars

Volo Auto Museum Posted on 2019-09-20

Buying a classic car is an exciting process that can be a way to satisfy a vintage car craving or serve as an investment for the future. Regardless of why you want to purchase a classic car, you should know what to expect. Check out the following tips for buying a classic car. Where to Find Your Classic Car While you look for a classic car, you'll have a few options that come with pros and cons. Auctions, private sellers and dealers are the three most popular options for buying a classic car. Before you look for your dream car, you'll ne...

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How to Clean A Classic Car - Collector Car Detailing

Posted on

  If you own a classic car, you've likely already made several substantial investments in it and thus want to keep it in pristine condition. Here at Volo, we take pride in maintaining our cars to keep them looking and running like they did on day one. While you probably already know that you shouldn't take your vehicle to a regular drive-through car wash, you may not be aware of the many other tips for washing your classic car. Knowing these rules is crucial to any classic car owner. Proper cleaning will keep the car looking its best...

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How to Display a Classic Car at a Car Show - Top Tips

Posted on 2019-07-10

Here at Volo Auto Museum, we know how fun it is to go out and show off your collector vehicle at a classic car show. Based on our years of experience working with vintage cars, we've picked up some ideas and tips for how to display your car at a car show. The essential part of any car show is to have fun, but it always feels good to win. To put you at an advantage over the other cars at your next car show, we've compiled a list of classic car show display tips as a checklist to help you prepare for the competition.  Preparing the B...

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